Saturday, 9 April 2011

Update on The Lost World Project

It has been an extremely busy two-three months on The Lost World Project, which would explain our complete lack of producing any new blogs over that period. We currently have 18 people in Venezuela climbing down from Mount Roraima's summit, and will be sending another 18 people to visit the area that inspired Disney Pixar to make their animated blockbuster 'UP'.

The reason we are doing this is in order to raise the final amount needed to complete the final scenes and produce The Lost World Film - the culmination of two years conservation work to protect the long-term future of Mount Roraima and the Guiana Highlands. We will look to use the film as a case study for global conservation projects, and highlight the problems associated with illegal goldmining, bauxite mining, unsustainable tourism and the introduction of foreign animal species.

We are really looking forward to letting you all know more information about the contents of the film and the narrator that we have lined up for the final project - but we need to keep quite a bit of it back as a surprise for the Premiere of The Lost World Film at the Royal Geographical Society on 30th June (ticket information will follow soon). However, we can use this blog to reveal that we have secured a world exclusive...

The family of Jimmy Angel, the man who discovered the legendary Angel Falls, has very kindly provided us with footage of Jimmy Angel discovery the world's tallest waterfall. The footage is in black and white and is absolutely amazing - at the start of the project we could never have imagined getting such fantastic footage. We will hopefully be able to start publishing a few videos in the next blog, but I hope that you will be blown away by what we believe to be some of the most incredible footage ever seen in a natural history documentary!