Tuesday, 31 May 2011

David Attenborough and Mount Roraima

We're going to be uploading a few new videos this evening - the first is when the legendary Sir David Attenborough featured Mount Roraima in the BBC's Life of Plants. There really is no one like him, he's been an inspiration to everyone who is involved in the environmental and conservation spheres and has been a major influence behind Ibex Earth's 'The Lost World Project'.

He is quite simply irreplaceable and we have added this video so you can listen to SDA discussing the wonderful summit of Mount Roraima, a place that "haunted his imagination" and somewhere the Ibex Earth team has been travelling to quite a lot over the last 24 months. Hope you enjoy and don't forget that you will soon be able to come and watch our film about Mount Roraima and South America's 'Lost World'.

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