Monday, 10 October 2011

Top 25 Green Tweeters

Here is the Ibex Earth list of the top 25 green tweeters to follow for this Autumn (please note that they are not set out in any particular order):

1. @wwf_uk - all the latest news from the WWF's UK office

2. @guardianeco - latest environmental news, views and information from the Guardian's environment team.

3. @OfficialZSL - the Zoological Society of London's twitter feed is packed full of great environmental success stories.

4. @mongabay - a fantastic resource for conservation news, particularly on rainforests.

5. @algore - a man that has achieved so much with his work to tackle climate change and reduce the globe's carbon emissions.

6. @EDGEofexistence - all the information you could ever need on endangered species.

7. @FaunaFloraInt - conserving the planets species and ecosystems by working with the people who depend on them.

8. @climateweek - one week in March where climate change is pushed to the forefront of people's minds - 2012 event takes place March 12-18th.

9. @1010 - one of the best environmental initiatives of 2010, cutting your carbon by 10% in a single year and about to launch the Solar Schools project.

10. @dpcarrington - the Guardian's Damian Carrington twitter updates and links to his latest blogs.

11. @worldlandtrust - one of Ibex Earth's Environmental & Conseravation Partners, all the rainforest news you could ever need.

12. @leapfrognews - Carbon Leapfrog look to promote low carbon projects throughout the UK and you will find all their latest news on their Twitter account.

13. @RnfrstAlliance - the people behind the most successful rainforest certification programme.

14. @grist - another great environmental news resource, always keeping you up-to-date on all the latest environmental offerings.

15. @ARKive - information, videos and photos of endangered species.

16. @the_ecologist - the UK's no1 online environmental magazine.

17. @gaiafoundation - the third of Ibex Earth's 'Environmental & Conservation Partners' to make it on the list, they work on promoting biological and cultural diversity around the world.

18. @treehugger - news, news and more news. One of the most viewed environmental news sites on the world wide web.

19. @earthhour - another great environmental initiative, which promotes taking action on climate change and protecting the world's natural resources, led by the WWF.

20. @clientearth - an environmental law charity that promotes environmental justice.

21. @treesforcities - an organisation dedicated to greening the UK's urban areas.

22. @dothegreenthing - innovative, unique and interesting environmental initiatives all in one place.

23. @350 - 350 is a global movement that encourages people to help tackle the climate crisis.

24. @forum4thefuture - an organisation that looks to work with businesses and organisations to develop a sustainable future.

25. @DECCgovuk - all the latest low-carbon news from the UK.

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