Thursday, 16 June 2011

This week's 'Top Environmental Stories'

Top Environmental News Stories from week commencing Monday 13th June 2011. 

This feature on the Ibex Earth Blogger site looks to provide you with an overview of some of the top environmental news stories during the week commencing Monday 13th June 2011. It is looking to become a regular feature of our blog and any feedback would be greatly appreciated -

Bizarre Seal Plans under fire: Environmental campaigners ask why the Scottish government wants to protect land sites used by only half of its seals, when one species is in decline - . 

A rural worker has been shot dead in Brazil's Amazon, the sixth murder in a month in the region, amid growing conflict over land and logging -

Good news a species that was thought previously extinct has been found alive and well, the Arabian 'unicorn' is no longer extinct after the IUCN reintroduce it back into the wild. -

New little ice age in store? Scientists are predicting that we could soon be on the verge on a mini ice age after research on the Sun's radiation - 

Another positive story about the wild populations of buzzards and red kites - both species numbers are rising! Here's - 

If you have a story for next week then let us know!

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