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Tribute to Adrian Warren - 20th July 1949 - 5th June 2011

Tribute to Adrian Warren - 20th July 1949 - 5th June 2011

Adrian sadly passed away on Sunday 5th June 2011 after a long battle with Malanoma. Our heart felt condolences go out to Adrian's wonderful family and the world is certainly poorer now that he has left it.

Ibex Earth was introduced to Adrian in March 2010 by the Royal Geographical Society when he found out that our filming expedition to Mount Roraima, Venezuela was in great jeopardy and was looking as though it would be cancelled. Stepping in at what was effectively the very last minute Adrian agreed to sign up and save the project. 

After speaking with him on quite a few occasions leading up to the expedition I first met Adrian at a 'Lost World Project' event at the ZSL London Zoo, where he travelled down to provide a large audience with a talk about his experiences of Mount Roraima and the Guiana Highlands, how he discovered a number of new species of frogs and explored underground cave systems. The entire audience was captivated by his stories and some of the most spectacular images he used throughout his talk. 

It was an absolute honour to have Adrian involved in the film - after all he was one of the most respected figures within the natural world, having worked with Sir David Attenborough, the BBC's famous Natural History Unit and even advised Disney Pixar on their animated blockbuster 'UP'. A true legend and he was working with us - what a privilege. 

I sadly did not get to travel to Venezuela with Adrian and the ten young participants who took part in the filming expedition, a decision that I have always regretted. The participants (mostly from UK universities) had a tremendous time learning from Adrian who all came back saying what a kind, generous and caring man he was. A man that achieved so much with his life, but was so modest about those achievements. 

It soon became apparent that everyone who knew Adrian only had positive things to say about him and it was easy to say why, he was a great man, with a genius for the natural world. His passion and enthusiasm was an inspiration and I only hope that we can do his memory justice with the completion of The Lost World Film, which we are dedicated to Adrian, a truly incredible human being who has touched so many and made the world a better, happier place.

Adrian you will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting you and without you The Lost World Project would not have ever been possible - all at Ibex Earth could never thank you enough. God bless.

Chris Livemore
Ibex Earth

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