Friday, 24 June 2011

What the papers say...

Parasitic wasp turns ladybird into a 'Zombie'

A parasitic wasp protects itself from predators while cocooned by turning its ladybird host into a "bodyguard". After a female wasp injects its egg into the ladybird, the larva munches on its host's internal tissues before breaking out through the abdomen.

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Serengeti Road plans are scrapped after wildlife concerns

Controversial plans to build a tarmac road across the Serengeti National Park have been scrapped after warnings that it could devastate wildlife. The Tanzanian government planned a two-lane highway across the park to connect Lake Victoria with coastal ports.But studies showed it could seriously affect animals such as wildebeest and zebra, whose migration is regarded as among the wonders of the natural world.

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Plans for EIGHT new nuclear plants in the UK
Today Chris Huhne has announced that there will be eight new nuclear power plants constructed in the UK. Damian Carrington writes a great blog about the complexity surrounding the debate about nuclear power

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Snakes and Adders...

The warm and sunny spring is expected to increase the number of adders seen in the UK. It often gets a bad press for being our only poisonous snake, but although its bites do hurt there hasnt been a human related death in the UK for some twenty years. A wonderful creature and a very good article from the Daily Telegraph.

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Brightest bird on the planet?

Research has shown that the African Grey Parrott can reason like a 'four year old'. The study showed that the Grey Parrott could find hidden food in a similar manner to how humans and apes can. Impressive stuff and a very interesting piece in the Daily Mail.

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